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About Scottish Highlands 

Scottish Highland cattle have long horns and long coats.  It is the oldest known breed of cattle, originating in the rugged Highlands of Scotland. We chose this breed because of their hardy nature, gentle temperament, and their natural ability to adapt to our climate. They are great parents and easy to raise.  

Highlands are slow to mature, so the meat gains tremendous flavor over time. The thick coats mean they do not grow fat to stay warm during the winter months, and the result is lean yet well-marbled cuts of beef with more protein and iron than other varieties.


Scottish Highland beef will grade out as Premium quality, comparable in fat and cholesterol to fish or chicken. The meat has 40% less fat than Angus and higher levels of protein and iron, making it the most sought-after beef in the world. 

Interestingly, communities of Highland cattle are called 'folds' not herds. The Royal Family keeps a large 'fold of coos' because it is the only beef that the Queen will eat!

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