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We are not farmers, not even 'real' ranchers. Jay  is from Minneapolis and I grew up near Seattle. We have worked and lived in Idaho's Wood River Valley for more than 25 years and have raised our kids here. We love the people and animals in our lives. We believe that being healthy has a lot to do with good food and that knowing about what you eat and how it is raised is important. Over the years, we have discovered that we are not great at selling beef but we love raising cattle. If you are interested in owning your own stock or would like to see about beef on hand, please contact reach out.




Located 20 miles South of Sun Valley, we raise Scottish Highland cattle, a few pigs, and  chickens for fresh eggs. We are here because we love our wide open spaces, caring for our animals and the feeling that we are contributing to a sustainable, stress-free and natural way of living. 


Every year, thousands of pounds of fresh produce and luxury food items (think pate', marzipan, olives...) are past their 'good by' date or rejected from local stores and restaurants in our valley. Thanks to the Stelling family at Mountain Fresh Produce, our animals are the lucky recipients of fresh avocado, pineapple, kale, berries, peaches, cheese and other incredible foods.


Add this to the awe-inspiring spring and summer months spent enjoying the vibrant local foliage of John Sweek and Bege Reynolds' Slopeback Ranch in the Pahsimeroi Valley, you may have discovered the happiest, most well-fed animals in the world!

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