Frequently asked questions

What is a Scottish Highland?

Scottish Highland is the oldest breed of cattle in the world. The beef is more flavorful, tender and lean than other cattle. Healthy and nutritious, Highland beef has lower levels of fat and cholesterol and a higher protein and iron content than other beef and even chicken.

Why don't we see Scottish Highland meat in stores?

Highlands are a distinct breed of cattle that are generally smaller and take longer to mature than other cattle. Because they are small and much of the grazing in Idaho is 'per head', they are more expensive to feed. Add to that the horns and long coats that cake with mud in dirty, crowded spaces; you quickly realize that it will be difficult to make a lot of money or have a large operation.

If they are so hard to raise, why did you pick this breed?

At first, we thought that they were intensely beautiful and we loved looking at them. But after raising a few, we discovered that they are also gentle animals and perfect for ranching beginners - mean cows didn't seem all that fun. Scottish Highlands are easy to care for and adapt to all environments. They are strong foragers, rarely get sick, protect each other, and often calve without vet assistance. The meat is also the best tasting and the healthiest for our family.

What makes Highland Beef "Premium"

Highland Beef is more intense in flavor and more tender than other breeds. The ability to trace the heritage of each cow permits a better selection and therefore they are considered "premium", high-quality meat.

Is your meat USDA Approved?

Absolutely. We take our cows to a clean, responsible and caring USDA approved butcher in Boise, Idaho.

You love your animals, isn't it hard to....

Yes. but here is how we see it: we eat meat and we are not likely to become vegetarians any time soon. Because we love beef, we don't want to settle for mass produced food and don't want to imagine the conditions for the animals. We want to know that what we eat has been raised well and is given a chance to grow and live in a beautiful place. There is a reality to the food chain and we want to support local ranchers and farmers who care about what they raise.

Do you name your animals?

We do name our animals! The pigs are usually after rock bands. We have had Meg and Jack from the White Stripes. Flea and Anthony from Red Hot Chili Peppers. This year we saw Eddie Vedder play so of course...Pearl Jam is represented. Some of the cows came when we were watching the Vikings on Netflix so we have Lagatha, Helga and Sigi who will be ready to breed soon! We have Mrs. Maisel & Midge and brand new sneaky Pete. Beyond that, some of our cows came with names - Moonie, Creamy, Dusty and Ford....

Is it weird to see Jay in a cowboy hat and boots?

Um...Hmmmmmm: No comment?

Does the egg money really go to Gus's college fund?

It does. Just because he is afraid of Harry the Rooster and refuses to enter the coop to collect the eggs does not mean he won't get into a good school someday.

Is your beef and pork certified organic?

It is not. Being certified as organic, is an extremely complex and difficult process. It involves a huge amount of record keeping and USDA oversight. Proving that your land and water has not been exposed to chemicals and that everything you feed the cattle comes from a certified organic source is way over our heads. We do certify that we do our very best to feed and care for our animals naturally, making sure they are not knowingly exposed to bad stuff, that they have sunshine, fresh water and space to roam.

We would love to have a Highlander of our own. Do you ever sell them?

YES! In fact, we have decided that we are much better at giving our coos a good home and raising healthy animals than we are at selling meat to our friends. If you are interested in mama and babies, steers or bulls, give us a call.