1.29# Beef Shank with Bones (2)
  • 100% Scottish Highland Premium Beef

    Pasture raised, grass finished

    Hand cut, dry aged


    Our two shanks total 1.5 to 2 pounds per package. The cut of beef is around an inch and a half thick portion of from shank. This area of the animal, the hind shank, produces a ring of meat from the shin that is the most tender and sweetest on the entire animal. There is an ample portion of tough meat that surrounds a flat portion of bone, which has succulent, rich marrow in its centre. During the cooking process, this bone marrow melts into the sauce, producing a bone with a hole, hence the name, Osso Buco. 


    $8.50 Per Pound







    1.29# Beef Shank with Bones (2)