.78# Flat Iron Steak
  • 100% Scottish Highland Premium Beef

    Pasture raised, grass finished

    Hand cut, dry aged


    The Flat Iron is the shoulder of the cattle, above the shoulder blade. This is one of the only steaks in the entire animal that remains tender, even when cooked over medium. That’s right, even people that refuse to eat steak cooked above medium can enjoy this one.


    $13.00 Per Pound



    You’ll want to cook this cut quickly over high heat. Season the outside with salt and pepper. Pre-heat some oil in a pan until it’s nice and hot. Sear until medium rare, under 10 minutes. After resting, slice and sprinkle with salt. The flat iron is very forgiving and will maintain its flavor into the medium and medium well range.

    .78# Flat Iron Steak